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The award-winning, celebrity-favorite (Giles Marini - "Sex And The City", Nancy O'Dell - "Access Hollywood", Sarah Jane Morris - "Brothers & Sisters", professional boxer Laila Ali) diaper clutch that unfolds into a changing station. It's an award-winning diaper bag organizer or all-in-one diaper clutch - and it is a Mamma's Milk exclusive design.

Both styles are the same size when closed (similar to a clutch purse: 10” x 6 ½”) but differ in size when opened. The Pocket Change opens to become 24” x 18” and the Pocket Change LITE opens to become 10” x 23”.  The Pocket Change is great for moms with large babies or toddlers, as it provides full coverage, while the Pocket Change LITE is a great choice for momswith infants/small babies, as it is smaller, yet so affordable.

What Moms Are Saying:

"Love it so much I'm buying another one." Paulette M., Chino, CA

"A very cool and efficient diaper system. I love the original one I got so much that I'm ordering more for the stroller, the car and my girlfriend who just had a baby. It is wider & longer than any other portable changing pad I've seen, which protects them so much better when using those change tables in public washrooms etc. And I love the place for the diapers, it cushions my baby's head when lying down. Like a built in pillow." -Kathryn W., Victoria, Canada

"I love the Pocket Change system. I used to have to grab a diaper, wipes, AND the changing pad... and that wastes time when my baby is upset in public and people are giving me looks! Now I can just grab the Pocket Change and I am out the door.  I have already gotten several of my expecting friends hooked as well." -Melissa H., Chickasaw, AL

Winner of The National Parenting Center Award 

Featured in Pregnancy Magazine Beauty & Style Guide

Pocket Change LITE Diaper Clutches: $29.99
Diaper organizer with mini fold-out changing pad, a Swipes™ baby wipes dispenser and a pocket for diapers. Perfect for newbornsSee the product page

Pocket Change Diaper Clutches: $39.99
Diaper organizer with a large, full-sized, fold-out changing pad, a Swipes™ baby wipes dispenser and a pocket for diapers. Great for both babies and toddlersSee the product page

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