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7 Things That Make A Baby Sling The "Best"

  1. Easy. You'll want a sling that is easy to use. A pouch-style sling is easy to use - you just slip it on and pop baby in.
  2. Adjustable. A sling that adjusts to fit you AND your spouse. A sling that fits you as you lose the baby weight. A sling that fits you over a t-shirt or a bulky coat. A sling that fits right the first time - no time-consuming exchanges.
  3. Comfortable. Look for a slim shoulder that won't slide down your shoulder and a generous pouch area for baby. You'll want leg padding so that baby is comfortable in the hip position.
  4. Attractive. There is a reason why slings are popular with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Khloe Kardashian and Denise Richards: they make you look good. Something that shows off your baby and hides your belly? It's a win/win.
  5. Machine washable. Babies spit up and drool; you'll want something that you can wash-and-wear.
  6. Convenient. Look for a sling that is small enough to keep in your diaper bag so you'll always have one when you need to nurse discreetly. A built-in toy/pacifier loop is good to keep baby entertained while out-and-about.
  7. Affordable. One of the best reasons to buy a sling is that it's something you'll use from birth to three years. Unlike front carriers and backpacks, slings are perfect for newborns all the way through toddlerhood. As Dr. William Sears (author of the best-selling "The Baby Book") says, slings can be used as a nursing cover, a diaper changing mat and a blanket, too.
Mamma's Milk Invisibly Adjustable Baby Sling Carriers feature these crucial elements and so much more, like... But let a mom tell you herself:

"AHHHH…FINALLY! After MANY trips to multiple baby stores and buying all of the soft carriers on the shelves (only to return them the next day) I found Mamma’s Milk! The design is PERFECT! Simple, classic, VERY easy to adjust and most of all it's a quality product that my seven week old son LOVES! This product is a LIFESAVER! You must get this into every moms and dads hands!" -Dana S., Timmonsville, SCM

Which sling will you choose? More moms gush:

"This sling has honestly saved my life. Your slings are so easy to put on and take off and I never have to worry about making sure it fits properly every time since once you've adjusted it to you, it stays that way. To top it all off, it's so good looking and fashionable. Everywhere I go, I get compliments about how beautiful it is. Everyone says "I've seen slings before, but none so colorful and attractive". I can't say it enough, I LOVE my sling!" -Maite C., Madrid, Spain

"I absolutely love the sling. It is exactly as I dreamed up (and I did a lot of research!) I'd love to get other colors in the future! Also, I have friends who hopefully will be pregnant soon and I will absolutely send them your way! Lots of appreciation to a product well made and a great and energetic company!" -Tara H., Colorado Springs, CO

"I've used slings but never had one this beautiful or functional. It is incredibly easy to adjust. Everywhere I go people comment on it and ask where I got it from. I have given your website address to at least five different total strangers I have met while out and about!" -Denise C., Mandeville, LA

"Your baby sling has been a mommy life saver and made one happy baby! she doesn't cry when I carry her in it; she actually falls asleep in it : ) Your customer service rocks and you make amazing baby slings! I get comments everywhere I go and I'm happy to direct them to Mamma's Milk." -Rhiannon & Teagan H., Wilmington, North Carolina

"Thanks for the delivery – just a quick note to say your product is awesome! Mum and baby loving it. My wife’s been stopped three times already by people asking where we got it from! Maybe you should look for a distributor in Australia! Cheers" -Chris C., Sydney, Australia

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