About Mamma's Milk

My son jaxon - here in 2003 - now loves to help pack & ship orders
When I was registering for my baby shower, some of the most important things for me to get were a front pack baby carrier, a beautiful crib, a bassinet, and a top-of-the-line stroller. I was so lucky -- I got them all. Now I laugh, because since I got my sling, I never use any of those things.

Life for the first few weeks after giving birth was spent on the couch. After all, I had had an emergency Cesarean Section and I was nursing, what seemed to be constantly.

Then reality set in. The do-nothing bonding time with my little guy was amazing, but there were no more clean clothes, nothing to eat in the fridge, and the house was a mess. So it was time to get back to work.

Ahh....but with a baby it was much more difficult than before. (Read: impossible.)

After all that couch cuddle time, the last thing I wanted to do was put my baby in his crib on the other side of the house. I was so baby-whipped; I didn't even want to put him in a stroller right next to me! And neither did he want to be in his crib or bassinet, as he soon told me with his tiny little lungs.

So now what???

I tried balancing him on my hip and holding him with one arm. Yeah right. That lasted for about five minutes as I was able to do pretty much nothing and my arm was getting really tired anyway.

"I know!" I thought, as I pulled my new front pack baby carrier out of its box. After thirty minutes of adjusting it to my body with all those buckles and straps I slid my baby in expecting bliss. What I received was another thirty minutes of hysterical crying. Not to mention it felt like I was wearing a straight jacket, and if it felt that way to me, how must it feel to my newborn?

Then I remembered that during my couch hiatus, I had read something about slings in The Baby Book, by Dr. Sears -- the best parenting book I had found. I had instinctively agreed with everything in the book, but admit that I skipped over the "Babywearing" chapter thinking it a bit avant-garde for me. I mean, babywearing?

Needless to say, I went back and read that chapter and I will say this: it amazed me. It turns out that Dr. Sears discovered that babywearing solved three huge problems for parents: first, it allowed the mother to have both hands free, second, it soothed the baby, and third, it eliminated the crying jags.

I was a bit skeptical, but what did I have to lose? And guess what? It worked. Now with that problem solved, I was set to buy a sling! The only problem that I found was that every sling was a plain canvas material and with very limited choices of colors or patterns.

On Mamma's Milk Slings

In addition to beautiful fabrics, I also loved the freedom of being stroller-free and longed for freedom from my bulky diaper bag.

One night as I was walking with my husband and our baby, I slipped a diaper in the sling with Jaxon and was thrilled when I realized I didn't have to lug around a stroller OR a diaper bag anymore!

The only problem was that I didn't have a way to carry baby wipes. So I created The Mamma's Milk Wipes Pack™. This little invention turned out to be one of the most useful products I've ever used with my baby. I keep one in my purse, one in the car, etc. It's so much more portable than one of those bulky hard plastic wipes cases and it's easier to get wipe out quickly.

With that problem solved, I turned next to another problem I had: I didn't like the look of adjustable slings or pouches. They either had rings or rows of snaps, zippers or buttons. I wanted something that I could adjust as I lost the baby weight, but didn't have any of the bulky hardware. After many, many sleepless nights dreaming up ideas and many days spent designing prototypes, the Mamma's Milk Invisibly Adjustable Pouch was invented! It has become an instant bestseller. Now I'm working on offering the Wipes Pack a la carte or with the Invisibly Adjustable Pouch like you all have been requesting!

And that's how Mamma's Milk was born.

Easier than a stroller, lighter than lugging a car seat, faster and less bulky than traditional front carriers, Mamma’s Milk Baby slings create happier babies and more satisfied moms; in fact, research shows that using a sling can reduce crying by 51%.">.

Mamma’s Milk creates trend-setting baby carriers for the fashionista mom. A dream of stay-at-home-mom Jude Kuipers, her husband Treavor, and their two children Jaxon and Savannah , Mamma’s Milk showcases fine baby carriers on and through select boutiques.

What makes Mamma's Milk better?

Mamma's Milk products are designed by and for for the modern parent. Sleek, minimalistic and yet everything you need, our baby gear makes parenting look easy.

  • Mom-designed
  • Family-owned
  • Locally produced here in the USA
  • As Seen On Grey's Anatomy
  • As featured on ABC's The View as a "Top Ten Celebrity Mom Must-Haves"
  • Celebrity fans include Chris Noth (Sex And The City), Angela Kinsey (The Office), and Elisabeth Rohm (Law & Order). See more celebrity fans here
We pride ourselves on three very unique offerings...
    • Invisibly Adjustable Baby Slings
    • The only sling designed to adjust invisibly to give both parents a sleek look.
    • Built-in foam padding prevents red marks on baby's legs and is the most luxurious available on the market.
    • Industrial-strength Aplix fastening system is the same material used in the NASA space program.
    • Handy toy loop perfectly located for a small toy or pacifier.
    • The style recommended by Dr. William Sears, author of The Baby Book
    • Scientifically proven to reduce crying by over 50%
    • Pocket Change Diaper Clutches
    • Ingenious black clutch instantly unfolds to become a full-sized changing station.
    • Built-in baby wipe dispenser.
    • Pocket holds 3 - 5 diapers.
    • Easy velcro closure.
    • Machine washable.
    • Ultra-sleek - no bulky padding necessary.
    • Winner of The National Parenting Center Award
    • Featured in Pregnancy Magazine Beauty & Style Guide
    • Swipes Baby Wipe Dispensers
    • The freshest thing to ever happen to baby wipes.
    • Ultra-thin and small enough to tuck in your purse.
    • Keeps plenty of wipes moist and fresh.
    • Tuck in your sling with a diaper and ditch the diaper bag.
    • Super affordable
    • Makes a great baby shower gift

What people are saying...

This sling has honestly saved my life. Your slings are so easy to put on and take off and I never have to worry about making sure it fits properly every time since once you've adjusted it to you, it stays that way. To top it all off, it's so good looking and fashionable. Everywhere I go, I get compliments about how beautiful it is. Everyone says "I've seen slings before, but none so colorful and attractive". I can't say it enough, I LOVE my sling! -Maite Crespo

I love these slings. I have tried all different kinds for my newborn and this is the best. I use a wheelchair and this product is perfect. I can put little Ansley in the sling keeping her snug and safe while I have my hands free to wheel my chair. Keep inventing new products and styles!!! - Caroline A.

I ordered two slings from Mamma's Milk and I just want to let you know that my baby and I absolutely love them! I can finally get work done around the house and my little girl falls asleep as soon as I put her in the sling. She's two months old now and I look forward to using them for a long time! Maya B., Handford, CA

My husband ordered two slings for us and we do not go anywhere without them. People stop us EVERY time we go out wearing it wanting to know about it, where it came from, how we like it, etc. I wish we had business cards that I could hand out. We brag about how life is easier with your sling. -Stacy & Jason Poyser

I love the Pocket Change system... I used to have to grab a diaper, wipes, AND the changing pad... and that wastes time when my baby is upset in public and people are giving me looks! I can just grab the Pocket Change and my sling and I am out the door. I have a closet full of changing pads that I received as gifts and I don't use them at all! -Melissa Harville

Hey, Just wondering when you think the Skulleton sling will be back in stock. I left ours on the roof of the car, then drove away. Now my wife is mad..... Any chance you can help a husband hiding in a closet? Could you let me know when they will be back stock? Thanks it would really mean alot! - Paul Whitney

Thank you again for coming up with a very cool and efficient diaper system [ Pocket Change]. I love the original one I got so much that I'm ordering more for the stroller, the car and my girlfriend who just had a baby. It is wider & longer than any other portable changing pad I've seen, which protects them so much better when using those change tables in public washrooms etc. And I love the place for the diapers, it cushions my baby's head when lying down. Like a built in pillow. -Kathryn Wilson