Top 5 Ways to Build the Dad/Baby Bond

Mom gets a 9 month head-start on you by carrying the baby inside of her. Baby is inherently used to the rhythm of her unique heartbeat, movement, and scent.   But at least half that baby is yours! Here are the top 5 ways and easy ways to kick-start the baby-daddy bond.

1.   Bond Over Boobs

Even if mom is breastfeeding, you can still do the whole bonding-over-boobies thing. Pumped breastmilk in a bottle gives baby the same good stuff while giving mom a break. And as everyone knows, giving mom a break = bonus points for dad. As Dr. Sears, author of The Baby Book says, “Breastfed babies may not accept bottles from their mothers…Fathers are often the logical choice to offer a baby her first bottles…Try walking around while offering the bottle. Using a baby sling can make this easier.”

2.   Sling 'em

Baby slings make it easy to keep your baby happy. Slings have been scientifically proven to reduce crying by up to 51%. That’s huge! Plus you’ll look & feel like a pro doing all your stuff while toting a cute little baby. Think baby slings are too girly? Check out Brad Pitt.

Check out these sling options from Mamma’s Milk:

3.   Doin’ the Dirty

Diaper duty. Nothing gets moms bragging more than a dad offering to change diapers.So while you’re out and about, offer – loudly- to change junior’s diaper. Fluffy diaper bags not your thing? Do it in style with a Diaper Wallet. This handy, manly thing looks like a little black book and unfolds into a changing pad. Oh and it carries diapers and wipes.

4.   Bath Time, Baby

Warm water, bubbles, rubber ducks – what’s not to love? Plus baby is staring at you the whole time.  Keep the bathroom warm and have your towel handy.  

5.   Two Words: “Daddy Time”

“Porn for New Moms” is filled with mentions of Daddy Time. Sounds strange but it’s a mom’s dream. Give her some time off while you bond with the baby.  Bedtime is good for this. Pediatrician Dr. William Sears shares his secret of easy bedtime: using a sling to wear baby to sleep. He explains: “Place your baby in a baby sling and wear her around the house for a half-hour or so before the designated bedtime. When she is fully asleep in the sling, ease her out of the sling onto her bed. “

Now you can bond. Off you go!