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Can I Use A Credit Card from a country other than united states?

If your credit card is getting denied because the address doesn’t match the billing address, but you know your address is correct. What may be happening, is that our credit processing system requires what is called an AVS matching… or “address verification”. Many foreign credit cards do not support this type of verification, so to protect ourselves from fraud we cannot accept them. The easiest way to pay would be to use PayPal. After you have the product you would like in your cart, check out and enter your billing address as you normally would (don’t worry about the matching). Then on the next page, where it says “Payment method”, click “PayPal”. You should be able to check out there without any problems. You can pay using paypal, without even signing up for a Paypal account.

Is your ordering process and cart secure?

Yes, the sling ordering process is 100% secure. Any sensitive data is transmitted over SSL. You’ll notice the https on the URL and also the 'lock' icon showing in your browser on the cart pages.

Can I still process a payment using PayPal if I don’t have a PayPal account setup?

Yes you can. It is not necessary for you to create a paypal account. When you're brought to the paypal screen, you'll see a login area on the right. However on the left you'll see an area that says "Don't have a Paypal Account?" Click there and fill out your credit card info.

Do you take checks, cash or money orders?

At this time we do take checks via PayPal on the site. We don’t take cash or money orders.

Can I Order A baby Sling over the phone?

To keep costs down for you, we take orders online; sorry but ordering by phone is not available.

How do I order a sling as a gift?

If you’d like to send the sling as a gift, simply put the recipients name and address in the “shipping address” information. There is a small box you can check under the billing address to ship to a different address than the billing address. Put their name as the first line of the address. If you’d like a gift receipt to be sent with the order and/or want to include a note, indicate this in the customer notes section of the order and we’ll send a receipt with no pricing and can include a gift message as well.

How do I Use a Coupon Code?

In order to use a coupon code, you need to register, and login, THEN use the coupon. If you’ve already purchased a sling, you can use your email address for your login, or you can use these links:

When will you be restocking the pattern I like? My size is not available on the site.

Many of Mamma's Milk patterns are Limited Editions, so if you see print that you must have, order it early before it sells out in your size. You can email for questions about a specific pattern or size.

Can a gift receipt be included with my order?

If you’d like a gift receipt to be sent with the order and/or want to include a note, indicate this in the customer notes section of the order and we’ll send a receipt with no pricing and can include a gift message as well.

What is your business address?

Mamma's Milk

1095 NE 27th Terrace

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Do you match the wipes pack with the sling that is ordered?

Yes whenever possible we match the wipes pack with the sling that is ordered. If there is not an exact match available, the wipes pack will coordinate with the sling.

Do you offer organic cotton slings?

YES! We have a beautiful organic option - please check the slings page.

How do I quiet my fussy baby?

It’s important that your baby is in a good mood before trying a sling for the first time. (Fed, dry, warm, etc.) As soon as you get the baby in the sling, take a walk outside! Believe it or not this is the most important part. The movement helps comfort baby and the walk outside is a treat. Once your baby is used to the sling, you can carry on as normal, but at first it is very important to move around. It is very important that your sling be the correct size. If it’s too small the baby may be too restricted. Too big, they may not be secure enough. The baby should be very snug inside (think fetal, like inside the womb), yet able to breathe freely. You may think baby looks squished, but it’s this snug, womb-like feeling that soothes and comforts, much the same way as swaddling. For more assistance, contact for more specific help.

Is my sling sling safe and the Velcro secure?

We use Aplix closures, a stronger, commercial grade type of “Velcro”. Your sling is made with two strips of Aplix that are each 6” long and 2” wide. When pressing the Aplix together, three things are very important: 1) there must be at least 3” on both strips (so at least 6” total), 2) the entire length of the fastened Aplix must be pressed together firmly, and 3) it must be worn with the Mamma’s Milk label out (not the padding out, as with some other slings). The Aplix has been tested to 15 pounds per square inch, so with 2” width multiplied by 6” length (3” on each strip), this gives 15 x 2 x 6 = 180 pounds total for the minimum setting. If the sling has less than 3” on both strips (for example, 1” on each strip will only provide strength for 30 lbs.), not pressed firmly over the entire length of the fastened Aplix (this causes uneven coverage and gaps) or is worn inside out (this changes the Aplix to peel strength rather than shear strength) this would be incorrect. Sort of like wearing a front pack without all the buckles fastened. If worn properly the Aplix will not come undone, however as an added safely precaution, there is a strip of fabric sewn into the sling holding both sides of the sling together should the Aplix come undone for some reason.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are proudly made in the United States, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What are the different slings you offer?

The MM Basic slings are fitted, whereas the Invisibly Adjustable slings can be adjusted. We recommend the Invisibly Adjustable baby carriers if you are planning to lose any remaining baby weight, want to share with your husband, or wear your carrier over a t-shirt or a bulky coat and get the same great fit. We recommend MM Basic fitted baby carriers if you plan on remaining the same weight, do not want to share, and want an extremely simple sling.

What is your return/exchange policy?


Returns will be accepted within thirty days on slings in new condition with the original receipt, packaging and instructions. Shipping is non-refundable and a five dollar restocking fee will be applied. If sling is returned without receipt, packaging and instructions an additional fifteen percent restocking fee will be applied. Sale slings are not returnable. Please include your reason for returning your sling in the space provided on the receipt.


Exchanges will be accepted within thirty days on slings in new condition with the original receipt, packaging and brochure. Sale slings are not exchangeable. Please indicate your new size in the space provided on the receipt.

How do I return or exchange my sling?

As long as it is within 30 days and the sling is in new condition, you can return or exchange your sling for any size or color you’d like. For returns: Shipping is non refundable and a $5 restocking fee will be applied. Simply mail it back to us, including all the original packaging, brochure and receipt. Please be sure to note on your receipt what you’d like in exchange or if you're doing a return. You can mail your exchange/return to:

Mamma's Milk 1095 NE 27th Terrace Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Can I get a paper catalog mailed to me?

Because our product line is continually being updated, we do not offer paper catalogs. You can find our full selection on our website.

What is the weight limit on the slings?

Thirty-five (35) pounds.

How do I determine what size I need?

Check out our sizing page.

I just placed an order, but realized I need the change the size on the order.

Email your request to and your order will be updated, pending confirmation of availability of the new size.

How long will it take for my domestic order to arrive?

Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes 2-3 days to arrive once shipped. Most orders are shipped within 2-3 days of being placed.

How long will it take for my International order to arrive? .

International orders are shipped via USPS Global Express Mail, which typically takes 6-10 days to arrive once shipped, depending on the country. Most orders are shipped within 2-3 days of being placed.

Do I have to pay additional shipping charges for exchanges?

No, you are only responsible for shipping back to us. You will never have to pay for shipping back to you no matter how many times you exchange. We pay for return shipping back to you

Can I get a tracking number for my order?

You will receive an email shortly after your order is shipped with your tracking information.

Problems with the doll avatar?

This happens occasionally. Sometimes it is a simple fix of downloading the latest version of Java (free) through the link on the website. If you are still experiencing problems, please email for assistance.

Would Mamma’s Milk be interested in donating slings to my organization?

Please send an email to with your request including details about your cause.

Can I use my sling for pets?

Yes, up to the weight limit of thirty-five (35) pounds.