Mamma's Milk has been around for many years providing thousands of slings to Mom's everywhere in the world. And over the years quite a few awesome Mom's have been compelled enough to send in their wonderful thoughts about our unique Baby Slings.Here we share with you a selection of these real stories and comments from real Mom's like you.

  • I received the sling and my husband and I love it! I really enjoyed using your sizing calculator, it really made things much easier!

    Amber H.
  • It's great. Our little guy fits right in, relaxes, and loves being carried. It's very easy to use -- perfectly contoured. Thanks!

    John T. Miami Beach, FL
  • Just wanted to say I love my sling so much I have just ordered a second one for the summer! I have never seen anyone with anything even similar to my beautiful pouch! I get so many compliments and I plan to buy one for every friend I have who ever has a baby!

    Kelly Moorhouse, Arundel, UK
  • I seriously think you should send business cards out with your slings - I mean, itis ridiculous how many comments and inquiries I get on your slings - especiallythe “Surprise Inside” one!

    Krista Klein, Laketown, UT
  • I have recommended the sling to everyone I know and many I don't. It works great and the fabric is beautiful and soft. My baby loves it, too!! Thanks for such a great product, great customer service and follow up. I will definitely be buying more.

    Katie Redding, Upperco, MD
  • Such an awesome sling. My daughter is two months old and loves to be close to me allthe time - this sling is my sanity. I get people stopping me to compliment it every time Iwear it... even men! I have been referring you guys to lots of folks.

    Stephanie Stoval, Smithville, TX
  • Wonderful sling - it has been a life saver for me allowing me to keep the baby close andhave my hands free for my two year old. I receive compliments everywhere that I go onthe sling and have had quite a few people ask me where I got it, I always recommendyou.

    Victoria Simon, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
  • My husband ordered two slings for us and we do not go anywhere without them. Peoplestop us EVERY time we go out wearing it wanting to know about it, where it came from,how we like it, etc. I wish we had business cards that I could hand out. We brag abouthow life is easier with your sling.

    Stacy & Jason Poyser, Washington, D.C.
  • I absolutely love the sling. It is exactly as I dreamed up (and I did a lot of research!) I'dlove to get other colors in the future! Also, I have friends who hopefully will be pregnantsoon and I will absolutely send them your way! Lots of appreciation to a product wellmade and a great and energetic company!

    Tara Hart, Colorado Springs, CO
  • I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my pouch in the mail a few days ago and absolutly LOVE it! It took a few minutes to figure out how to get my daughter in it just right, but now we both have the hang of it (she is asleep in it right now letting me pay bills online!!!) I will be telling everyone I know that they need one of these!

    Christina K., Moneta, VA
  • I love the sling and how many times I’m stopped in public by people who are amazed atit. My daughter loves it, too. When she is fussy, all I do is put her in it and she is asleepwithin minutes! Just this weekend I finally got to the salon to get my hair done...she sleptfor 3 hours - thru wash, color, wash and then cut! It was great and I was thrilled!

    Holly Burns, Devens, MA
  • I know you probably send out tons of these everyday and I'm probably not supposed to respond,but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE my sling! My husband does too and baby of course.He goes right to sleep. I might order a bigger one for my hubby and my sister is due in Feb. soI'll have to get her one and my cousin is due in March! It is a lifesave with doing work aroundthe house and taking walks. I really do like it. I live in Florida though and may need one thatbreathes a bit more because of the heat. What fabric would you recommend? I'll also takeanother look at the website and I'll definitely rate you and spread the word. Thanks

  • “One of the most gorgeous things I have EVER seen. Both my 9 year old and I just gasped when I ripped open the package. The brocade is just delicious....oh luxurious. I can't keep from running my hands all over it. I can't wait for the baby to wake up so I can stuff him in there. :-D I can totally see why you charge what you do. It is just incredible. I'm just sitting here slobbering. LOL.”

    Amy V.
  • AHHHH…FINALLY! After MANY trips to multiple baby stores and buying all of thesoft carriers on the shelves (only to return them the next day) I found Mamma’s Milk!The design is PERFECT! Simple, classic, VERY easy to adjust and most of all it's aquality product that my seven week old son LOVES! This product is a LIFESAVER!You must get this into every moms and dads hands!

    Dana Smith, Timmonsville, SC
  • This sling has made life just a little easier. I can even sit through a church service now.My son wouldn't stay asleep before, but last Sunday he did. I looked at several differentkinds of slings but they all looked uncomfy. This one kind of evens out the weight acrossmy back and actually helps me stand a little straighter instead of slouching. Thanks againand God Bless You.

    Amanda Wilcoxson, Alvarado, TX
  • My family and I went to the beach on Saturday and I used it all day. Our little guy is just 5 weeks and even if he was screaming before going into the sling, he quieted down immediately when I put him in. He just cuddles down and is instantly content. Since Saturday, it's been with me all around our home...doing dishes, sorting laundry...etc.. :) Thanks! I've shared your name with tons of others already. Best of luck with your's a wonderful product!

    Karen D., Cudjoe Key, FL

    My husband ordered two for us and we do not go anywhere withoutthem. People stop us EVERY time we go out wearing it wanting to know about it, where itcame from, how we like it, etc....etc...etc......I wish we had business cards that I could hand out.We do show them the MammasMilk tag and brag about how life is easier with your sling. Welove it and if you ever need a spokesperson or someone to hand out business cards PLEASE letus know. Thanks a million. Stacy & Jason Poyser Washington D.C. metro area
  • I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. This sling has honestly saved mylife. I already own a wrap, which works great, but it takes too long to put on and take off andon top of that, its not fashionable. Your slings are so easy to put on and take off and I neverhave to worry about making sure it fits properly evertime since once you've adjusted it to you,it stays that way. My baby girl also loves it. As soon as I put her in it, she falls asleep whichallows me to get things done, since I'm hands free and she's not crying. To top it all off, it'sso good looking and fashionable. I bought the fun strecthy cotton sling, and everwhere I go, Iget compliments about how colorful and beautiful the wrap is. Everyone says I've seen slingsbefore, but none so colorful and attractive. I can't say it enough, I LOVE my sling

  • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mamma's Milk sling. I use it every single day. My sonis 3 months old and I could not get by without it. He can be screaming his head off and thesecond he is in the sling he calms down EVERY SINGLE TIME. I wear it to clean the housewhen he's being fussy and doesn't want to be alone. I go grocery shopping with it. If I have ameeting at the office (I work from home) I put him in it to ensure that he won't get upset andinterrupt. I wear it to church to keep him quiet and happy during the service. I can do so manythings hands

    free that I couldn't do before and he is right there with me. I tried other slingsand they were too bulky and uncomfortable and he wasn't secure in them. It is truly the mostinvaluable baby accessory I own. I also love the Pocket Change system... I used to have to graba diaper, wipes, AND the changing pad... and that wastes time when my baby is upset in publicand people are giving me looks! I can just grab the Pocket Change and my sling and I am outthe door. I have a closet full of changing pads that I received as gifts and I don't use them at all!Thank you so much... I have already gotten several of my exprecting friends hooked as well andI am about to order a second sling so I can have one to wash and one to wear!